FGMC Wholesale is excited to offer Maverick Solutions, a proprietary suite of Non-QM products designed for today’s borrowers. With flexible options for every scenario, Maverick Solutions is revolutionizing the Non-QM market.

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We are #MortgageMavericks. We go above and beyond. We have the grit and determination to get the job done.


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We are committed to helping brokers keep their promises.

When you make a commitment to your clients, the last thing you want to do is call your client with bad news. So don’t. Call us to find a solution, so you can keep your promises. We’re here to make your deals work.

Knockout Closings

We love that feeling of finding out our deals are clear to close, and we know you do too. Get more of those feelings with an FGMC partnership! With smooth operations and great products, we meet deadlines that other lenders can’t.

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One Team of Pros

When you start doing business with us, you are assigned to a dedicated Account Executive, Account Manager and underwriting team. These Mortgage Mavericks will be your point of contact for every loan, getting to know you and your deals.

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Unmatched Products

Your borrowers need products that fit their unique story. That’s why we’re a one stop shop for all your Wholesale needs. With our product suite, we have you covered.

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Commitment to Fight

We do the heavy lifting for you and fight for your deals. It’s never game over. We take a second look at every deal and are committed to finding a solution.

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Champion Prime Jumbo
Updated 10/20/2020

Achiever Expanded Credit
Updated 10/20/2020

Visionary Investment
Updated 10/20/2020

Product Guides

Champion Prime Jumbo Product Guide
Updated 11/06/2020

Achiever Expanded Credit Product Guide
Updated 11/06/2020

Visionary Investment Product Guide
Updated 11/06/2020

Program Flyers

Bank Statement Program
Updated 10/20/2020

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Program
Updated 10/20/2020

Jumbo with No MI Program
Updated 10/20/2020

Expanded Credit Program
Updated 10/20/2020

Non-Warrantable Condo Program
Updated 10/20/2020

Product Overview

Non-QM Product Overview
Updated 10/20/2020


The Non-QM Structure Desk is your direct access to our expert Non-QM underwriters!

Just send an email to the Structure Desk and the Mortgage Mavericks will respond quickly with answers you can trust. Let us do the heavy lifting!

  • Calculate Bank Statement Income (TBDs included)
  • DSCR and Asset Depletion
  • Evaluate Credit Grading
  • Answer General Non-QM Questions

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