Security Policy

This explains our policy regarding any personal information you might supply to us when you visit this site. Our goal is to protect your information on the Internet in the same way that we protect it in all the other ways we interact with you: in person and on the phone.

You can visit this site and find out about our products and services, read about our company, download forms or get other value-added services without giving us any information about yourself.

If you do provide personal information, such as address, e-mail, telephone and fax numbers, as well as demographic and customer identification, it will be sent to us over a secure connection using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. We will maintain this information, as well as your business activities and transactions, according to our usual strict security and confidentiality standards.

In order to provide better service, we use "cookies." A cookie is a small piece of information which a web site stores on your web browser on your computer and can later retrieve. The cookie cannot be read by a web site other than the one that set the cookie. We use cookies for a number of administrative purposes, for example, to store your preferences for certain kinds of information.
Most cookies last only through a single session, or visit. None will contain information that will enable anyone to contact you by telephone, e-mail, or postal mail. You can set up your web browser to inform you when cookies are sent, or to prevent cookies from being set.

We understand that individuals or profiles may be using "First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation" or "FGMC" to contact Facebook users and solicit federal grants. Please be aware that FGMC is a mortgage lender and does NOT provide grants of any kind. These appear to be scam pages in an attempt to obtain private and personal information, such as a social security number (SSN). We recommend that you report these profiles directly to Facebook immediately.

Please note that FGMC would never reach out to any individuals through any social media site requesting personal information of any kind. It is important to exercise caution before providing any personal identifying information to anyone online.

FGMC works diligently to report these perpetrators to Facebook when we become aware of these situations. At times, there is a delay in a response from Facebook and these pages are not removed immediately. We recommend exercising due caution at all times.

If you have been contacted by an individual or profile using FGMC’s name who requests ANY personal information, and you would like to speak with us directly, please email us immediately at