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Does It Really Spark Joy?

A decluttering and donating holiday that you can take part in!

With not that many summer holidays to observe- consider celebrating on July 15 for Give Something Away Day! You can’t go wrong with celebrating this good cause. And truly, we all have something that we can give.

Start in the Home

Start celebrating by finding some things around your house that you don’t need anymore. Maybe it’s an outdated lamp, a pair of shoes you never really wore, or something you got as a gift and don’t show that much love to. You never know, someone else may really need these things that you rarely touch! Need help for learning to let things go? Try using the newly popular style of decluttering: The KonMari Method, made popular by Marie Kondo!

Once you’ve gathered some clothing, toys, and household items, take them to a local donation center. You can find places that are accepting donations locally by searching nonprofits in your area, or by donating to your local Goodwill.

Volunteer Your Time

Non-profits are constantly in search of people to help run their charitable efforts. So maybe instead of donating items, you can donate your time! Help out a local organization that you feel passionate about. Organizations that help with hunger, homelessness, children, or animals need your time! Give it away today in spirit of the holiday.

Share with Others

Be sure to share your efforts on social media with #GiveSomethingAwayDay to inspire others in your community to give too! It’s a great way to share a positive message.

Declutter and donate or volunteer and help your local community, all in the name of Give Something Away Day! Your freshened-up home and your community will thank you.

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