Operational Contacts

In order to enhance our customer experience for our Maverick Solutions Non-QM Products, please see below the important points of contact for the operational process.


  • Any questions surrounding turn times, document submission, file status, please email non-qmprocessing@fgmc.com. This will be your main point of contact through clear-to-close.
  • Any escalations regarding turn times, discrepancy with submission requirements or loan setup, please contact Danielle Susini, AVP, Non-Delegated Operations at dsusini@fgmc.com.


  • The underwriter assigned to the loan after submission will be your main point of contact regarding any condition related issues. The underwriter will contact the Correspondent after the initial approval to go over the terms and conditions of the approval. The underwriter contact name and information will be listed on the loan approval.
  • Any escalations surrounding conditions, please contact Solveig Lubinski at solveig.lubinski@fgmc.com.

Structure Desk:

  • In order to support our newest product offering, Maverick Solutions Non-QM, we created a structure desk to assist our partners in structuring deals to determine whether or not they will fit one of our products: Achiever Expanded Credit, Champion Prime Jumbo and Visionary Investment.
  • Contact information for structure desk: MaverickSolutionsStructureDesk@fgmc.com or 866-739-9200.
  • Please submit the Structure Desk question on the Maverick Solutions website under the Contact Us section. One of our specialists will respond within 1-2 business days with a response to the request. If documentation is needed to support the question/scenario, please email the additional documentation to the contact information listed above. If further information is needed to make a determination, we will request it during our review.
  • Any escalations surrounding the structure desk request, please contact Solveig Lubinski at solveig.lubinski@fgmc.com or Danielle Susini, AVP, Non-Delegated Operations at dsusini@fgmc.com.

  • We are excited to launch our newest product offering and are equally excited that you have chosen FGMC as your partner to fulfill your lending needs.

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