First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation® is excited to offer Maverick Solutions, a proprietary suite of products designed for today’s borrowers. With flexible options for every scenario, Maverick Solutions is revolutionizing the Non-QM market.




Expanded Credit






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Product Flyers

Champion Prime
Updated 02/19/2021

Achiever Expanded Credit
Updated 02/19/2021

Visionary Investment
Updated 10/20/2020

Trailblazer Jumbo
Updated 03/01/2021

Product Guides

Champion Prime Product Guide
Updated 02/19/2021

Achiever Expanded Credit Product Guide
Updated 02/19/20210

Visionary Investment Product Guide
Updated 02/19/2021

Trailblazer Jumbo Product Guide
Updated 03/01/2021

Program Flyers

Bank Statement Program
Updated 02/19/2021

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Program
Updated 10/20/2020

Jumbo Options Program
Updated 03/01/2021

Expanded Credit Program
Updated 02/19/2021

Non-Warrantable Condo Program
Updated 10/20/2020

Product Overview

Non-QM Product Overview
Updated 02/19/21


The Non-QM Structure Desk is your direct access to our expert Non-QM underwriters!

Just send an email to the Structure Desk and the Mortgage Mavericks will respond quickly with answers you can trust. Let us do the heavy lifting!

  • Calculate Bank Statement Income (TBDs included)
  • DSCR and Asset Depletion
  • Evaluate Credit Grading
  • Answer General Non-QM Questions

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