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5 Ways to Conquer Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is hard – let’s make it easy!

April 1, 2019

The spring season has officially sprung, which means it’s the perfect time to clean up your home and get organized after the winter months.

  1. Make a List (and check it twice)
    • Start by looking around your home and seeing where you could use a bit of cleaning, organizing or minimizing. Is it your kitchen with cabinets that need cleaning out or your kid’s room that has accumulated toys they’ve grown out of? Whatever it may be, write it down.
    • Organize your list by areas.
    • Start with the checklist we’ve made to get you started.
  2. Conquer the List Room-by-Room
    • I know you don’t want to, but start with the room you want to do least…first. This will get the hardest area out of the way, so you can zoom through the rest of your spring cleaning.
  3. Stay Realistic
    • Rome wan’t built in a day, and making your home sparkling clean won’t go that quickly either.
    • Break your list up so that you can tackle small parts of your spring cleaning list each day.
    • Between your work, school, or parenting responsibilities, everything may not end up getting accomplished. Cut yourself some slack, and just work on what’s the highest priority and leave the “organize the closet nobody ever goes in” items for if you have time.
  4. Donate
    • As you’re going through each room, try to find at least one thing in each space that you can get rid of. Whether it’s a decor piece that you never really liked or a toy your child has outgrown, look for clutter you could live without.
    • Donate your gently-used items to donation centers or local thrift stores in your area.
  5. Add Some Spark to your Space
    • Find a way to squeeze some home-improvement into your budget!
    • You can go big and get a new art piece for a wall, couch, or appliance. Or, you could go small and brighten up a space with a new plant or lamp.

Happy cleaning!